Why Take Action

What is “A Path To Recovery”

A Path to Recovery is a proven intervention process that breaks through the denial and behavior patterns of addiction and offers support and education to your loved one, family members and friends in a safe and respectful environment.

As a Board Registered Interventionist and Addiction Counselor in the Sacramento/Carmichael area, I specialize in finding your loved ones the help they deserve, and understand that only a carefully planned intervention, one founded on love and honesty, has the possibility to succeed. This process though must begin with YOUR involvement. I ask you to consider these two questions:

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

By the time my clients come to me, they have tried many things on their own – those experiences have not worked… By the time family and friends come to me, they too have tried many things on their own… Have you ever gone to bed at night praying that your loved one be kept safe? Are you one of those loved ones that, out of fear, ignore the signs? Or have you managed the “problem” by coping in detrimental ways? Or do you just close your eyes and hope things will get better? Whether it is a family member or a friend, you are frustrated and scared at the direction the addict/alcoholic has chosen to go.

Since my own recovery 25 years ago, I have heard the quote “the addict must hit bottom”. Do we want the bottom to be death? My goal, and my passion, is bringing the bottom to the addict. This is what a Family Intervention is all about. A loving and planned group facilitation that brings the bottom up.

Be willing to trust the experience of a different process.

Start the process and get your friend, loved one or employee into treatment. SAVE A LIFE.