Family Coaching & Mediation


Family Coaching and Mediation

This service is for

  • Families, friends, and employers dealing with addiction
  • Those in family recovery
  • Those still dealing with addiction
  • Meetings/Mediation
  • Agreements put together with family members when someone in treatment is returning home
  • Transitional home recommendations

Please call Ricki at 916-539-4535 for an explanation of these services

I have noted, in my profession that approximately 80 to 85% of those being offered treatment do not take it, so as family, friends, employers; we must take steps to support ourselves through the stress that comes with Addiction. Do the healthiest decision making we can for ourselves, and for our loved one. Addiction can create a plea inside of the family and the addicted loved one that says; Help –I need Help –I am emotionally, financially bankrupt. It is the Mind, Spirit and worldly connection that suffers.

Stress can come in the form of:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Heart Issues
  • Anxiety
  • And much more

Ricki offers the unique experience of online counseling to suit your individual needs. The hours suit your schedule.

All of this can be done through meetings, emailing, text message and phone calls, and can include one or more persons.

These are just a few ideas. This is a unique offer of healing in your own way, on your own time—after work or weekends.

Please contact Ricki to discuss more possibilities.